Scholarship Opportunities

Galen University’s scholarships are awarded for full-time study at Galen University to Belizeans who demonstrate an optimal combination of citizenship and academic potential. Incoming first-time freshmen may qualify for a four-year tuition scholarship, and incoming transfer students may qualify for a two-year tuition scholarship to pursue a Galen University undergraduate degree. Applicants should exhibit a well-rounded character with an exemplary combination of citizenship and academic potential through involvement in the community and/or extra-curricular activities. Galen offers three types of scholarships:


  • Academic Excellence (must have minimum CGPA of 3.50)
  • Professional Scholarship (must have a minimum CGPA of 3.00)
  • Athletic Scholarship – Students interested in the sports: volleyball, football and basketball (must have a minimum CGPA of 2.80)

Only applicants who meet all the requirements will be considered for a scholarship.  Applicants must submit a completed scholarship application form with all supporting documentation along with an original essay of 500 words that responds to the following question:

  • What will you do to become a fully engaged student at Galen University, and how will your involvement help facilitate your personal and professional development?

Sign your essay to confirm that it is your work and it is a true reflection of your thoughts and writing skills. Any evidenced conclusion that your submission is not your own work will be grounds for denial of scholarship consideration.



For scholarship information contact us at or by telephone at (501) 824-3226.