The Galen University Online Programs are affordable world class Masters programs. All the programs can be completed in 18 months. The cost for the entire program is: 2,860 euros


Admissions Requirements: A good Bachelor’s degree in any area.


MS Organizational Leadership

Emphases available:
  1. Leading Learning Organizations

  2. Health Care Leadership


The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership prepares students to lead dynamic organizations through complex changes in today's global society. Students gain the ability to meet organizational needs by developing people and processes, as well as implementing strategic initiatives in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Specific topics include organizational structure, culture, leadership of diverse teams, decision making, and communication as each apply to the business needs of today. Students also have the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge they gain along with established theories and research in order to analyze and evaluate a current organizational challenge and to propose solutions for increased effectiveness. Students can chose one of two emphases, ‘Leading Learning Organizations’ or ‘Health Care Leadership’



The Online MBA Program at Galen University is an online programs that is fully accredited. The program is designed for students with diverse educational, cultural, and experiential backgrounds and it attracts working professionals from every corner of the globe. Galen’s MBA emphasizes critical thinking, quantitative analysis and the technological and international facets of business.



A master’s degree in public administration (MPA) is the accepted professional credential for public service professionals. By earning this degree, you can gain the skill set required to become an effective and highly in-demand leader, with the flexibility to move between government and nongovernmental careers. The Galen University Online MPA program is designed to help you enhance your ability to understand, analyze, and control your organizational environment to manage more effectively and to promote positive change in the public and nonprofit sectors. In addition to blending theoretical and applied concepts, the curriculum covers organizational governance, finance, and administration while also providing "real-world" experiences for the novice administrator. The MPA program is a fully accredited program.


Galen Online offers students the opportunity to study anywhere anytime at their own pace. With degrees in business and education, Galen online allows the busy professional to advance in his/her career by applying concepts learned through cutting edge courses directly in the workplace. Students engage with colleagues around the world to share experiences, solve problems, and develop their skills.


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