Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship

Business Administration

Business degree prepares students for careers in both government sector and private sector positions. The degree work includes a variety of management studies. These include human resource management, organizational behavior, group dynamics, supply chain management for the manufacturing and service sectors, business ethics, and sustainable development. For a minor, students may select from Marketing, International Business, Economics, Sustainable Development, Environmental Science, Anthropology, or Archaeology.


A degree in Marketing prepares students to address very important areas in the workplace. Market analysis, market research, product and sales management, and advertising are some of the fields with which students will become familiar. Graduates will garner experience in conceptualizing individual entrepreneurial endeavors. This involves identifying market needs, the development of a new product or service, and delivering that product or service to the local and/or international market.

International Business

A degree in International Business equips students with knowledge of global markets. Students will be able to identify other countries’ needs and will be exposed to the challenges of conducting business in different countries. Students of international business at Galen University will learn the various entry modes that exist for new geographical markets. This degree focuses on developing opportunities in the global arena and ways to capitalize on these opportunities in an ethical and sustainable manner.


A degree in Economics familiarizes students with the powerful mechanism of markets in the regional as well as the global context. Students will also be able to critically assess the forces that shape the wealth of nations, and the means by which they may be harnessed to raise living standards among their citizens.


Virtually every business organization requires the skills of accountants. All businesses need accountants to record and maintain their financial records in accordance with applicable laws and conventions. At Galen University, we provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in the real world. Galen’s accounting curriculum blend of classroom and practical teaching tools that enable students to pursue successful careers.

In an effort to enhance students marketability, the Galen Accounting Program will provides with the basic preparation in the Uniform CPA examination while also offering two tracts of additional study (Auditing and Taxation) that are specifically geared to the business environment in Belize.