Galen University now offers a completely revised MBA program with the express goal of producing graduates who are prepared to meet the challenges of the economic and business world of tomorrow. Even though Belize is a small country and its economy and business environment are relatively small, the country is being increasingly integrated in the larger global economy. This requires adequately trained, capable and forward-looking managers and leaders that have the ability to navigate increasingly in complex and interconnected environments in the 21st century. Galen’s PMBA curriculum recognizes that business success is about people and organizational success, about collaboration and interpersonal relations. Key Aspects of Galen’s PMBA Program:

  • Robust and demanding entrance requirements admit students with the background and ability to succeed in a demanding and face paced academic environment.  
  • Intensive, seven-week course duration will ensure that students gain exposure to supplemental class materials and information such as journals, research documents, etc.  while enabling faculty to introduce relevant core and supplemental materials in a course. 
  • The sequential format of courses provide students with an exposure to concepts, theory and methodologies in a progressive manner. Courses are offered in a “lock-step” manner that reflect gradual building of a solid education, training and preparation to address more complex concepts, issues and challenges for MBA students.           
  • Well qualified faculty along with adequate monitoring and follow-up mechanism will ensure that there is quality course delivery to students, and that there is a methodology to ensure that this delivery exists and is adhered-to. 
  • Inclusion of a relevant research will foster and enhance analytical thinking of students through the application of theory and methodologies to real world issues and problems. The inclusion of a thesis research course into the curriculum will introduce students to new areas of inquiry and encourage them to apply their knowledge in real-world situations. Academics combined with experiential learning and research will together provide a solid framework to produce well-rounded students that are connected with the real world of management and business challenges. 
  • Galen’s PMBA graduates will acquire the necessary skills not only to think globally but also to act more effectively locally. The Galen MBA will be motivated to become better leaders, managers, team players and individuals, and are committed to developing themselves and others for the world of tomorrow. Galen’s learning environment uses a broad framework that will provide students with greater exposure to real world challenges and situations through experiential learning with leaders and business managers and group dynamics.

 GALEN UNIVERSITY - PMBA PROGRAMYear 1:CREDITSFall SemesterENGL-505, Graduate Writing and CommunicationMBA-509, Advanced Business Statistics 33Spring SemesterMBA-510, Advanced Managerial EconomicsMBA-511, Business Models: Theory and Practice 33Summer SemesterMBA-686; Advanced Financial ManagementMBA-687, Graduate Level Operations Management 33Year 2: Fall SemesterMBA-688, Human Resource Management & LeadershipMBA-689, Strategic Analysis and Formulation 33Spring SemesterMBA-692, Global Business StrategyMBA-693, Technology, Innovation Management & Business Strategy 33Summer - Fall SemesterMBA-699, Research Methodology and Proposal PreparationMBA-701, Thesis Preparation and Oral Exam 33Total Credits:36