Program DescriptionComputer Science is a large sub-discipline of the even larger field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). If focuses on the principles of computing devices – how they work and the functions they perform – as well as the use of computers for solving problems. These “problems” are as diverse as humanity itself, and include such relevant areas as:

  • Creating sound architectural models for the erection new buildings
  • Investigating factors that affect the global climate
  • Predicting fluctuations in the stock market or other components of the economy
  • Diagnosing and treating illnesses
  • Planning the activities associated with modern farming methods
  • Designing and creating applications for mobile devices
  • Teaching a classroom from a remote location
  • Creating video games and other entertainment software
  • Editing music
  • Modeling virtual eco-systems
  • Tracking accounting information for international businesses
  • Engaging in e-commerce and online marketing
  • Many, many more

  Computer Science is different from Computer Engineering and Information Technology (IT) in that it deals more with the theoretical aspects of computing hardware, and focuses on the design and production of software to run on that hardware.In short, Computer Engineers design and create our computer systems. I.T. Specialists ensure that our computers are working and communicating with each other properly and securely. Computer Scientists provide the software that allows the systems to function, and may engage in other activities such as analyzing computer networks for efficiency, designing tools and processes to improve them, and experimenting with new applications of technology.  Signature CoursesAt Galen University, students will engage with all aspects of computing. While there is a focus on the design, creation, and testing of software, they will also be introduced to some aspects of the hardware on which this software runs, and the interaction between the two. This prepares graduates to operate in a wide variety of environments associated with computing technology, and provides them with the background and skills to excel. Some of the key courses available to Galen Computer Science students, in addition to a robust general core, are:

  • Introduction to Programming in C++
  • Java Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Database Systems
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Computing
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • Software Engineering

  Professional Skills to be DevelopedGalen University Computer Science students will learn to design software solutions to an array of problems. They will learn the principles of programming, and gain experience with two common coding languages: C++ and Java using both the procedural and object oriented approaches.Students will become familiar with how Operating Systems such as the Windows line of system software function, as well as how computer components are organized to interact with these systems. Databases, data structures, and the algorithms that use them are covered in several courses, as well as the intricacies of how computers cooperate to accomplish more complicated tasks over distributed systems and networks.Students will be exposed to, and given the opportunity to practice, designing programs from scratch, both as individual efforts and as a part of a software design team. They will learn to plan, implement, and debug code, while at the same time learning techniques that result in user-friendly but feature-rich interfaces. The software thus produced will be both easy to learn and simple to use even by non-specialists.  Job and Career Options with Galen’s CS DegreeGraduates of the Galen University Computer Science program have found success working as system administrators, database specialists, system analysts, software developers, website and mobile application designers, and network technicians.Some have gone on to Masters Degrees at a variety of international institutions, while those who remain in Belize have enjoyed (as of 2017) a 100% employment rate, with potential employers often contacting the university directly and asking about upcoming graduates. A Computer Science degree in Belize is highly prized by both local and international businesses, and offers lucrative, exciting, and enjoyable prospects for employment.  Studying Computer Science at Galen UniversityCourses in Computer Science at Galen University are offered in a variety of ways. There are traditional face-to-face classes, as well as hybrid or even fully online options for those who are working full time or live a significant distance away from the main campus.For those who are interested in Computer Science as a supplement to another major, a condensed version of the curriculum, focusing on the courses most likely to be directly applicable, is provided as a minor that may accompany any other degree offered by Galen.Instructors are helpful, encouraging, and available, and seek to inspire students to understand and uphold the very highest academic, professional, and ethical standards of the discipline.The Computer Science Club at Galen University offers those interested in expanding their personal and professional networks an opportunity to do so while engaging in activities and events that will sharpen their technical skills. These activities include programming competitions, intellectual challenges, hosting guest speakers, attending conferences, and participating in technology-related community service endeavors.In addition to course work, Galen Computer Science students are able to customize one of their final courses to their liking. In Special Topics, each senior may choose to design and develop a project in the area of his or her choice. Previous students have chosen a variety of areas on which to focus, such as mobile application development or image encryption. Alternatively, students may choose to forego this project and instead receive placement as an intern at one of several local technology-based companies, providing them with practical real-world experience that very often translates into immediate employment following graduation. Computer Science is currently one of the fastest growing, most in-demand degrees offered by Galen, and represents an excellent choice for a relevant, engaging, and transformative university experience.  Computer Science is the art and science of solving problems using computers. Both the major program in Computer Science and the individual courses in this program are designed to provide students with a strong practical background, including specific experiences and current knowledge about practices in computing. This is leveraged by an understanding of the powerful ideas that underlie the discipline and profession of computing; these ideas form an important piece of each course in Computer Science. The program and its courses are designed to comply with curriculum recommendations of the two major professional societies in computing, IEEE and ACM. Students who are interested in a career in computing, or in obtaining practical knowledge and in exploring the ideas behind computing, should consider majoring in Computer Science or taking several of the courses in the program.Download the Academic Pathway.