Accounting is often referred to as the language of business. The Galen Bsc. degree with concentration in accountancy provides the analytical foundation that will enable our students to acquire the skills necessary for careers in either public accounting or in industry. Virtually every business organization requires the skills of accountants. All businesses need accountants to record and maintain their financial records in accordance with applicable laws and conventions. At Galen University, we will provide you with the tools necessary to succeed in the real world. Our accounting curriculum uses a blend of classroom and practical teaching tools that will enable you to pursue a successful career. In an effort to enhance your marketability, the Galen Accounting Program will provide you with the basic preparation to sit for the Uniform CPA examination while also offering two tracts of additional study (Auditing and Taxation) that are specifically geared to the business environment in Belize. Our Galen accounting graduates are in high demand. As a result you can expect these benefits from studying accounting at Galen: 

  • High employment rate with very short job-seeking period
  • Real-world Internship opportunities (for the audit tract)
  • Small Classrooms enable more direct communication with instructors
  • Tutoring opportunities available to enhance your communication and problem solving skills
  • Liaise with real world employers while pursuing your studies (expanded Audit and Taxation tract)
  • Academic and career counseling (as needed)

 Please click here to download the academic pathway.