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Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Sylvia Cattouse, Ed. D. Dean scattouse@galen.edu.bz
  • Osmond Martinez, M. Sc. Instructor omartinez@galen.edu.bz
  • Wilfredo Galvez, M. Sc., MBA. Instructor wgalvez@galen.edu.bz
  • Maurice Field, MBA Instructor mfield@galen.edu.bz

Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology

  • Sherry Gibbs, MA Dean sgibbs@galen.edu.bz
  • Andres Ramirez, M. Sc. Instructor aramirez@galen.edu.bz
  • Lydia Loskot, Ph. D. Assistant Professor lloskot@galen.edu.bz
  • David Aguilar, Ph. D. Assistant Professor daguilar@galen.edu.bz

Faculty of Education

  • Eulalio Torres, M. Ed. Instructor etorres@galen.edu.bz
  • Dorian Barrow, Ph.D. Dean dbarrow@galen.edu.bz
  • Aline Harrison, Ph. D. Assosciate Professor aharrison@galen.edu.bz