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Galen University encourages applications from a diverse group of prospective students.

The University provides library facilities on campus as well as access to online journals including EBSCO Host

Welcome Message


It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to Galen University, Belize’s only private university!
At Galen, we pride ourselves on being dynamic and progressive, committed to excellence in education and research, and adhering to the principles of sustainable development. We believe that a university education is vital preparation for life, and pride ourselves on offering our students an educational experience that is learner-centered, steeped in experiential learning and marked by service learning. Our transformative educational experiences produce ethical professionals with high emotional intelligence who are prepared to meet the demands of employers for the next decade.

We build Galen’s unique strengths by carefully selecting the most accomplished and successful professionals from the private, public and social sectors. These professors join our student development professionals to sustain a caring, engaging and transformative university culture in which students gain maximum opportunity to excel. We are a small community which allows us to give each student enough attention, challenges and support to enhance their human development. Our environment makes it easier for students to identify their shortcomings and overcome them; as we like to put it, students get to unleash their inner champions.

I invite you to spend some time on our website to learn more about us! Please get in touch with our admissions counsellors and arrange a personalized red carpet visit to get to know us first hand. In the meantime, take a moment and enjoy what we have prepared for you. I look forward to personally welcoming you to our Galen community.


About Galen

Founded in September 2003, Galen University was established as Belize’s first independent university, offering degree programs in Business Administration, Agriculture and Tourism Management. Over the past fourteen years, systemic program expansion has allowed Galen to offer a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Degree programs are offered in a variety of formats, including traditional, campus-based classes, online course delivery, or hybrids of these designed to suit individual student needs.

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Our main campus is located at Mile 62.5 George...
We are a premier, dynamic, and progressive ...
Galen University was established as Belize’s...

Galen University encourages applications from a diverse group of prospective students. Our ideal student is inquisitive, hardworking, honest, respectful of others, and insightful about themselves. Galen University adheres to a policy of non-discrimination in the admission of students. Candidates for admission are considered without reference to race, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, color, ability, national origin, marital status, or political affiliation. Galen's student body is comprised of both local and international students, bringing with them a diverse range of cultural and academic backgrounds and experiences.



Galen Online offers students the opportunity to study anywhere anytime at their own pace. With degrees in business and education, Galen online allows the busy professional to advance in his/her career by applying concepts learned through cutting edge courses directly in the workplace.


Galen Eagles

Keeping up with the demands of college life may become strenuous and unpredictable challenges may arise for which emotional support or simply an ear to listen is needed. To complement the existing support system offered to our Galen University students, counseling services are also provided. Students have around-the-clock access to the University’s counseling services offered by our dedicated counselor ( Confidentiality is assured at all times.



Student organizations play an important role in the development of a vibrant and enriching campus life. Student Organizations a medium through which students with common interests share ideas and explore learning.